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April 28th

Releasing on April 28th, singer-songwriter Destiny Imani shares her first EP Out In The Open. An emotionally vulnerable project, Destiny Imani puts on a masterclass of storytelling through her lyrics and melodies. With a tracklist of three songs, “Loving You”, “Made For Me”, and “Until The End Of Time”, Imani showcases the honest and true sentiments of her heart. 


“Loving You”, serving as the opener for Out In The Open, entails sonics that compliment Destiny Imani’s storytelling and lyrics. A vulnerable yet anthem-like R&B record, it conveys the importance of wholeheartedly embracing who you love honestly and truthfully. “Made For Me” follows up as an unapologetic proclamation and statement that displays lessons learned through following your heart. The finale, “Until The End Of Time”, concludes the EP with a boldness to live and love loudly, proudly, and open – forever.



June 23rd 2023

Released just in time for summer, "Summer Time Fine" is Destiny Imani's song of the summer! With it's upbeat and mesmerizing melodic structure, Destiny Imani quickly captures her listener's ear. 


“'Summer Time Fine'" was written and created to be fun. I wanted every listener to feel good, feel warm, and feel free upon hearing this song for the first time."

She adds, "I really hope this song sticks around for a while and is a staple for summer's to come!"

"Summer Time Fine" is an anthem that continues to showcase Destiny Imani's pen and artistry. Be on the lookout for more dynamic music from Imani. 


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