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Becoming Destiny Imani

Artist & Songwriter

Destiny Imani emerged onto the music scene early in her life with a love for music that was second to none. She has always had a deep love for music and the power that it holds in so many hearts -- including her own. Being raised in the church, Imani, was no stranger to soulful and passion-filled music. Constantly writing songs and with a desire to be known as a songwriter, Destiny put her pen to the test in 2020 with her first songwriting credit on "Made A Way" a Christian Contemporary record. While continuing to grow her pen in songwriting, Destiny followed up by receiving another songwriting credit on a modern Gospel record entitled, "God Is On My Side".


With multiple credits and a desire to share her own songs, Destiny Imani began her journey in artistry with multiple singles including, "Again", "For You", "Love Land", and "Summer Time Fine" as well a 3 song E.P. entitled Out In The Open. In 2024, Destiny released her highly anticipated single entitled "Black Joy" which was designed to resonate with the heart of resilience and celebration within the Black community. Be sure to keep an eye out for Destiny Imani; she is just getting started.

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